Osaka Padel Racket - Pro Tour Control

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The Pro Tour range is constructed using 18K Textreme carbon. Textreme carbon is a spread tow fabric built to the highest standards. Spread tow fabrics are smoother and flatter than traditional woven cloth fabrics that offer a more consistent playing experience at a lower weight. The Pro Tour Control Touch is a round-shaped racket ideal for more defensive- and control-oriented players, The central position of the sweet spot creates an intuitive sense of play that will acclimatize you to the racket immediately. Also, the maximized face forgives many lesser-struck balls. This is a great racket for a wide-level range of defensive players. In general, we would recommend this shape to forehand players.

Product details

Sand Surface

Quantum Spin® System

Double-Stage Frame

TPU Edge Protection

Osaka Touch® Foam

18K Textreme® Carbon