Sponsorship Model



Every player dreams to be a sponsored athlete one day. We get it, and every player should be given the opportunity to be able to live their dreams. At OSAKA HOCKEY, we try make these dreams a reality for every player. As you can imagine, we cannot satisfy every request for a sponsorship but we have developed a journey that allows anyone to become a fully sponsored athlete.


Loyalty is hard to find, Trust is easy to lose, Actions speak louder than words.


The OSAKA Journey:



Deshi; the Japanese word for apprentice. The best players in the world were all once a Deshi, Emulating their heroes, on and off the field. Anyone can be an Osaka Deshi. Our OSAKA PRO PLAYERS and OSAKA LIMITED ATHLETES all have Deshi Codes that are redeemable on the OSAKA HOCKEY WEBSHOP or through accredited retailers. You can use these Deshi Codes to get some discount on Osaka Hockey products. Once you have purchased and learned to love your Osaka Hockey products, share your experiences with us and get our attention on Social Media using the #OsakaDeshi hashtag. Progress to the next tier is reserved for players that already use Osaka products. You cannot love the brand and wish to be sponsored if you have never even bought an Osaka Hockey Product before.

Code: #DeshiOHSA



So, you’ve been using a Deshi Code to buy your OSAKA HOCKEY Products. You’ve been posting on Instagram using the #OsakaDeshi hashtag. Your loyalty is about to be rewarded. As a VISION 50 INFLUENCER you get 50% off OSAKA HOCKEY Products. We select our VISION 50 INFLUENCERS based on what we see on your social media activity and how it aligns with the #OsakaLifestyle. Your Loyalty and Vibe will be key to us headhunting you to be a VISION 50 INFLUENCER. Being a good player is no longer enough, we want to see your influence and how your followers interact with you, and we want to see that you actually use Osaka, so make sure you use #OsakaVision50 when expressing your love for the brand. As a VISION 50 INFLUENCER, you are on the path to become an OSAKA PRO PLAYER. How, well that’s up to you. We are always looking out for cool content to repost on our Social Media and webshop. Show us your vibe, share your experiences, live the #OsakaLifestyle and prove to us that you should be an OSAKA PRO PLAYER.



You had the VISION, you played your part and your content is vibey. You’ve proved to us that we need you….. We need you to share the vibe, we need you to showcase the OSAKA HOCKEY products and we need you to create more #OsakaDeshi’s. OSAKA PRO PLAYERS are rewarded with sponsored product. You no longer need to spend your hard earned Randela’s, you just need to keep living the #OsakaLifestyle. The next step in the Journey to being an OSAKA LIMITED ATHLETE is simple. Create content and create #OsakaDeshi’s. Deshi Codes will be assigned to you and will be monitored by us. We love photoshoots, we really love photoshoots. Did we mention that we love photoshoots?



Ok, so you know the story. You’ve been on quite a Journey from OSAKA DESHI to OSAKA LIMITED ATHLETE and now is your time to shine. Why fit in when you were born to stand out. Your vibe is our vibe, our vibe is your vibe, we’re in this together. As an OSAKA LIMITED ATHLETE, you are able to order a defined value of equipment and clothing from the OSAKA HOCKEY European shop. We Celebrate our OSAKA LIMTED ATHLETES; People will know you, Players will envy you and our social media will be filled with your vibe. Who better to create more OSAKA DESHI’s than a Deshi that has been on this amazing journey with us.