About us

Osaka World was founded in 2011 with the commitment to fuse hockey heritage with lifestyle. Named after one of the
biggest cities in Japan because of our great admiration for the Japanese culture and it’s design ethos. We perceive
Japanese aesthetic as very minimal, clean and functional. It’s design principle where more is less. Striving for design
inspired by versatility, functionality and durability.


Hockey is our DNA, it’s our core, our heritage. Our mission was to create durable, premium products with refined
design sensibilities. We care for perfection in every product we manufacture.


Design is one of our foundation principles, the starting point of the entire product development process. One of our
design characteristics is simplicity, we want our products to look clean, simple and straightforward.


We quickly grew from an unknown brand to a respected leading lifestyle brand in the hockey community. Today we are
represented in the important hockey countries around the world, we are most of all a global Community of Athletes

and hockey addicts dedicated to the game.