FutureLab Osaka Hockey Stick

Elevate your game, FutureLab

 TheFuturelabcollection is Osaka’s answer to the new design trend that has come to the sport in recent years. 

Composites have allowed manufacturers to approach shape design more boldly than ever before, and over 10 years of experience have led us to this bold new approach. 

 Our basic goal was to reduce the weight of sticks overall while maintaining the stiffness and performance everyone has come to expect of our top model sticks. 

The result of this endeavor is theFuturelab, the lightest, and most advanced stick we have ever created. 


FutureLab Osaka Hockey Stick


TheFuturelabNXT bow shape is the culmination of a two-year development process nurtured by a basic principle: 

Beautiful design is built on a foundation of scientific principles. 

The geometry of the future lab remains remarkablysimilar toour Pro Bow shape while offering a geometric angular profile that requires less carbon to achieve superior performance. 

This cutting-edge engineering has allowed us to create our lightest stick to date. 

We combined the geometry with our top-end carbon weave, which we also use for the Pro TourLimitedsto achieve maximal stiffness. 


FutureLab Osaka Hockey Stick

Hookslot® technology 

The goal for our redesigned headshapelargely follows the same principles. 

We wanted to stay true to the maxi hook head shapes all our sticks have had in recent years while offering something new and exciting to players. 

This is where theHookslot® comes in... 

 Backhand control will feel very similar to our existing shapes, but if you are a drag-flicker or assist the penalty the benefits will be considerable. 

Also, players that are technical and like to use the hook while playing will notice the major increase in control this seemingly minor design feature offers. 


FutureLab Osaka Hockey Stick

Minimalistic design

 Since this new shape speaks foritselfwe have opted to keep the graphic design for the stick very minimalistic, but bold. 

The dark holographic foil and bright red details are sure to catch everyone’s attention on or off the pitch. 


FutureLab Osaka Hockey Stick

For the players of the future... 

if you are a player looking for something truly new and exciting in the world of hockey... 

This is the stick for you. 

Experience the engineering that has gone into this shape with your own hands, 

but don’t be surprised if you feel like you are holding nothing at all. 

 Experience theFuturelabNXT bow.  


FutureLab Osaka Hockey Stick