THE DESHI PROJECT - Jessica Lardant

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THE DESHI PROJECT - Jessica Lardant

The Pocket Rocket of the indoor Court. Looking forward to the Indoor World cup with 31 International Indoor Caps next to her name and included in the Olympic Selection Squad, Jess is a force to be reckoned with.

Jess is an indoor/outdoor specialist that has represented the KZN Raiders for the past 5 years and been One to Watch at the SA PHL.

If you are looking to improve or chat about the following elements, then book your session with Jess now:

  • Defensive Roles and how to adapt
  • How to attack from the back in Indoor and Outdoor
  • Attacking play as a defender
  • Mastering basic techniques
  • Fitness
  • Building Personal Brand to move up in sponsorship journey
  • Changing style of play between Indoor and Outdoor
  • Being strong on the ball

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